VBL Officials 2022

Officers & Committees 2022

VBL administration is led by a Management Committee. There is also a 6-man Competitions Committee, all its members are on the Management Committee. All of the men you elect have many years of experience and are well known in Northern Ireland’s bowling circles. Some have already given in excess of 15 years of continuous service each on your behalf.
The administration is in a transition stage. This is due, in large measure, to the increasing scope of the programmes now available for the members. And although it is probably undeniable that in days gone by the pen was mightier than the sword, things have moved on. When presenting possible new candidates for the Executive, VBL tries to ensure they meet three main criteria. (1) They are at the lower end of the age group, (2) they have computer literacy, and (3) they love the game we all play, share in a vision of progressing VBL forward, and wish to contribute something.
VBL is fortunate that these men are prepared to give their time for the sport.

Billy Clinghan (President 2022)

Due to family, work commitments and being a keen gardener Billy didn’t take up bowls until he was in his forties. In keeping with the majority of bowlers his first introduction to the game was via Short Mat and he had many successes over the years winning various Short Mat tournaments all over Ireland. Billy joined local outdoor club Dromore several years later and enjoyed many highs and lows but stayed with them through the lean years. Billy was privileged to have Skipped winning Dromore Rinks against PGL and Towns Vets on different occasions and was also part of the Dromore Vets side who have been overall winners in Vets Championship Cups over recent years. In my year in office next years season I’m hoping to persuade others that we need to make small changes to see Vets survive in a meaningful way.

Mob No. 0785104020

Derek McCann (Immediate Past President & Secretary Sections B1A, B4, B4A)

Derek made his name on the cricket pitch before converting to Bowls!! “Genius” has quickly established himself as a formidable foe, winning our Singles title as well as guiding Downpatrick to numerous honours. During the winter he is a Short Mat specialist winning the Champions of Champions Triples and representing Ireland at the World Short Mat Bowls in 2016.
Derek also played Senior Table Tennis for City YMCA, winning the Belfast & District Division 1. The Derek  has been an Executive Committee Member since 2014.

Tel No. 02844841701  Mob No. 07935920879


Paul McIlreavy (Honorary Secretary)

Paul was brought onto the Management Committee at the 2018 AGM to explore opportunities to improve the current website. He has now undertaken the important role as Honorary Secretary. Paul hasn’t quite reached the age of 60 which would allow him to participate in the Veterans League, he continues to play his outdoor bowls at Londonderry Park, where he has been a member for 30+ years.

Mob No. 07546930146


Robert McCullough (Honorary Treasurer)

Robert is no stranger to Office in the world of Bowling! He came to the game in 1980 and, very quickly, became involved in both Playing and administration. He served as Secretary of his local Church League and the Six Mile Water League before being appointed Convenor for the all-conquering Mid Antrim Zone which won the Boomer Cup and the British Isles team championship during his time in office.
Robert began his “Outdoor” career with Langford, before moving to Antrim Lawn – his current “home”.
Once again he became involved in the management of his club and, of course, the Veterans’ section when he “became of age”. He is a Qualified Umpire for Short Mat, Indoor and outdoor.

Tel No. 02894465694

Harold Gilmour (Honorary League Secretary & Past President)

Harold Gilmour joined the VBL Executive Committee in 2004 and has served as President and Section Secretary. He took major responsibility for the extensive restructuring of our leagues in recent years and currently undertakes the onerous task of producing and administering our League Fixtures.

In real life, Harold worked for a major airline for 35 years and only converted to bowling after his early retirement and enjoys his outdoor bowls at Shaftesbury BC.


Arvon Bickerstaff (Assistant Secretary, Secretary Sections B3, B3A & Past President)

An enthusiastic member of Balmoral Bowling Club, his name betrays his Welsh roots! Arvon plays for his club ‘B’ team as well as representing the Veterans. He is Balmoral’s Veterans’ Section Secretary and this year has again assumed the Office of Assistant Secretary of the Veterans’ Bowling League.
President in 2011, Arvon’s proudest moment came when he unfurled our new Flag at his home green – a truly historic moment! He doubles up as Section Secretary for Leagues B3 and B3A

Tel No. 02890644097


Kenneth McCord (Past President, Secretary Sections B1, B2, B2A) Ken worked in Turbine Engineering manufacture for many power stations around the world. A keen snooker player at a high level for many years who now plays bowls for Larne Bowling & Tennis Club. Ken has been on the VBL Committee for a number of years and served as President in 2018. When Harold Gilmour stepped down during 2021 Ken took over the Section Secretary role for B1, B2 and B2A.

Kenneth McCord (Assistant Treasurer, Section Secretary Zone B1, B2, B2A & Past President)

Ken  worked in Turbine Engineering manufacture for many power stations around the world.
A keen snooker player at a high level for many years who now plays bowls for Larne Bowling & Tennis Club.
Ken has been on the Committee a number of years and served as President in 2018.

Mob No. 07933022181


Dessie Simpson (Secretary Section A1, A1A, A2 & Past President)

Dessie plays his bowls at Ulster Transport but, many years ago, has been President of Shorts. An Executive Member since 2009, he was elected VBL President in 2010.
He has led teams to victory in both the VBL v NIPBVL game and the NIBA v PGL Veterans’ Challenge. A keen singer, he entertained both teams at the 2015 Challenge match in Coleraine!
Dessie, though modest by nature remains fiercely competitive. A true Bowling enthusiast, he plays Outdoors, Short Mat and at both Stadiums!

Tel No. 02891870386  Mob No. 07866190485

Michael Bunting (Cup & Competition Secretary)

Michael started playing Bowls with Lurgan in 2002. He has been President of his club as well as Match  Secretary and Selector. He plays Short Mat Bowls as well as playing in Leagues in the Baker Stadium and at Belfast Indoor Bowling Club.
Prior to that Michael was involved in Darts, running Leagues and competitions at County and National Level for over 30 Years. He is a former N.I.D.O Secretary and has refereed Darts at  International Level. Michael was employed as a Plumber and Works Officer at Craigavon Hospital for over 39 year until his retirement in December 2012.

Mob No. 07856101059

Henry McFarland (Webmaster)



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