The first website for the Veterans Bowling League is very much in the memory of Sam Boyd of Carrickfergus Bowling Club and Don White of Belmont Bowling Club.

When Sam Boyd became a member of the Executive in 2006 he was very enthusiastic about setting up the first VBL website. Together with help from Art McCullough who was the Hon. Secretary and others the website was up and running very quickly. Not only was the current League schedules and Cup and Competition draws included but many years of winners and runners- up in the various Leagues and Cup and Competitions were researched and recorded.

Unfortunately Sam Boyd passed away very quickly at the end of the 2007 season and his computer was unwittingly disposed of.

In 2008 Don White and George Morrow also of Belmont Bowling Club took over as new joint webmasters of the VBL and a new website was set up by Don. For the next 4 years until 2012 Don was ably supported by George and they shared the work load between them.

However, in early part of the season in 2012 Don passed away and the VBL are grateful to George for carrying on single-handedly with the revamped website (2013) until 2018 when unfortunately due to failing eyesight had to hang up the boots.

This present website was created in 2020.