Zone A Section 1 Table & Fixtures

Zone A Section 1

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost Points Current form
1 BallymenaBallymena 0 0 0 0 0 ?????
2 CarrickfergusCarrickfergus 0 0 0 0 0 ?????
3 CurranCurran 0 0 0 0 0 ?????
4 FallsFalls 0 0 0 0 0 ?????
5 ForthriverForthriver 0 0 0 0 0 ?????
6 LarneLarne 0 0 0 0 0 ?????
7 Old BleachOld Bleach 0 0 0 0 0 ?????
8 Ulster TransportUlster Transport 0 0 0 0 0 ?????
9 WhiteheadWhitehead 0 0 0 0 0 ?????

Zone A Section 1 League Fixtures 2020

Zone A Section 1        
Week 1Week 10
27th April29th June
BYE vUlster TransportUlster Transport vBye
Whitehead vLarneLarne vWhitehead
Falls vCurranCurran vFalls
Forth River vCarrickfergusCarrickfergus vForth River
Old Bleach vBallymenaBallymena vOld Bleach
Week 2Week 11
4th May6th July
Ballymena vBYEBYE vBallymena
Carrickfergus vOld BleachOld Bleach vCarrickfergus
Curran vForth RiverForth River vCurran
Larne vFallsFalls vLarne
Ulster Transport vWhiteheadWhitehead vUlster Transport
Week 3Week 12
11th May20th July
BYE vWhiteheadWhitehead vBYE
Falls vUlster TransportUlster Transport vFalls
Forth River vLarneLarne vForth River
Old Bleach vCurranCurran vOld Bleach
Ballymena vCarrickfergusCarrickfergus vBallymena
Week 4Week 13
18th May27th July
Carrickfergus vBYEBYE vCarrickfergus
Curran vBallymenaBallymena vCurran
Larne vOld BleachOld Bleach vLarne
Ulster Transport vForth RiverForth River vUlster Transport
Whitehead vFallsFalls vWhitehead
Week 5Week 14
25th May3rd August
Bye vFallsFalls vBye
Forth River vWhiteheadWhitehead vForth River
Old Bleach vUlster TransportUlster Transport vOld Bleach
Ballymena vLarneLarne vBallymena
Carrickfergus vCurranCurran vCarrickfergus
Week 6Week 15
1st June10th August
Curran vBYEBYE vCurran
Larne vCarrickfergusCarrickfergus vLarne
Ulster Transport vBallymenaBallymena vUlster Transport
Whitehead vOld BleachOld Bleach vWhitehead
Falls vForth RiverForth River vFalls
Week 7Week 16
8th June17th August
BYE vForth RiverForth River vBYE
Old Bleach vFallsFalls vOld Bleach
Ballymena vWhiteheadWhitehead vBallymena
Carrickfergus vUlster TransportUlster Transport vCarrickfergus
Curran vLarneLarne vCurran
Week 8Week 17
15th June24th August
Larne vBYEBYE vLarne
Ulster Transport vCurranCurran vUlster Transport
Whitehead vCarrickfergusCarrickfergus vWhitehead
Falls vBallymenaBallymena vFalls
Forth River vOld BleachOld Bleach vForth River
Week 9Week 18
22nd June31st August
BYE vOld BleachOld Bleach vBYE
Forth River vBallymenaBallymena vForth River
Falls vCarrickfergusCarrickfergus vFalls
Whitehead vCurranCurran vWhitehead
Ulster Transport vLarneLarne vUlster Transport

Send Match cards to Section Secretary, Mr Dessie Simpson, 24 Dunsy Way, Comber, BT23 5DF. Results may also be sent by email to,
Earned points will be forfeited if cards arrive after Saturday of match week.
Please show name of Club on envelope.

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