COVID-19 Outbreak – Update on Season 2020

A Statement from President Derek McCann & VBL Executive Committee

Gentlemen, in light of the present Coronavirus situation and Government advice, we must take action. Following meetings this week, the IBA, the NIBA and the PGL have issued statements that all bowling activities are to be cancelled until further notice. We believe that we can do nothing but follow suit.

  1.  VBL Opening, 20th April at Balmoral BC – regrettably, we must cancel. We do not believe it is in our best interest to bring together potentially 80-90 Senior Citizens from across the Province. We think the Government is about to suggest all 70 year-olds ‘self isolate’ We will telephone all Clubs who may have sent an entry. Refunds can be managed at a later date – most pay by cheque so this shouldn’t pose a problem.
  2.  League Programmes 2020 – it is obvious that these cannot commence as planned; experts estimate the crisis will ‘peak’ some time near to our starting dates. Perhaps we can review the situation at the July break. If things have improved by then, Competitions and Cups may be a possibility while a half League programme may be manageable. This is to be discussed at a Committee Meeting towards the end of June/early July

Section Secretaries will contact their respective Clubs by telephone; they can explain our position. Fees, Registrations and Entries should be sent in as usual but Treasurer, Harry Sloan will not bank any fees received until after this year’s AGM.

Please keep yourselves and your loved-ones safe,

Derek McCann, President 2020